Top 3 Best Log Splitters For 2016 Review

Splitting wood is not an easy task. In fact if you are still doing the traditional way with the use of an axe, it might take you the whole day sweating non-stop before you can finish a pile of logs intended for your fireplace. Well, this must be your lucky day because I’m going to share with you top 3 best log splitters for 2016 that will surely ease your workload and guarantee the whole log splitting activity to be less strenuous and at all cost safe for your back. So, find the most comfy place to sit, focus your attention to this review and get the best log splitter for your log splitting requirement. Before we head on to these top 3 best log splitters for 2015, let me further discuss additional information about log splitters in general, their various types for your selection as well as their performance features, so that you can make a wise decision afterwards on what type of log splitter to purchase.

best log splitters

Overview of Best log splitters

We all know for a fact that log splitters are the recommended splitting instruments to cut all types of wood or timber, whether it is hard or soft. Most log splitters being sold in the marketplace are designed either with hydraulic or electrical rod and piston where their overall log cutting performance are gauged on the tons of force that they produced while in action.

There are also the standard log splitters ideal for household use that are mostly rated of 10 tons while a top performing log splitter used for industrial can do more, at least 25 tons force. Keep in mind, a best log splitters rated with more force means it is fully capable of splitting or cutting without much effort on the use even on the hardest type of wood, log or timber.

Among your other choices of log splitters are manual log splitters, where some often require mechanical before you can do any log cutting.

What are the vital parts of a log splitter with a hydraulic machine?

Below are the vital parts that should be included:

  • Engine
  • Hydraulic oil pump
  • Valve
  • Tank

The main design of this type of log splitter is its engine is usually connected to the hydraulic oil pump and this is where the power of operation comes from. The pump creates a high-pressure oil steam and is passed through the valve.  The log splitter device is put into action when the valve is activated by the user. Aside from hydraulic pump, some log splitters are powered with gas, electric or diesel.

Why should you use a best log splitter?

Anyone who loves to spend holiday breaks inside a cottage with a conventional fireplace could greatly benefit from investing on a top quality best log splitters. Among the countless reasons why you might as well consider buying a log splitter includes the following:

  • The entire log splitting activity can be done at a lesser timeframe with this device.
  • Cutting accuracy is achieved for every piece of log or wood cut, giving you the perfect cut or size you want.
  • This best log splitting tool is easy to use with its customer manual guide.
  • Safer for usage even for beginners who haven’t used any log cutting tool.
  • Energy saver because you don’t need to spend the whole day cutting logs, so you have more energy left to do other activities that you love to do while on a short holiday break like nature tripping or hiking.
  • Environment friendly because some splitting device will not emit harmful fumes or gas that could pollute the environment.
  • Buying a top performing brand of log splitter could be a long-term investment.

If you want to enjoy these amazing benefits, careful selection of the best log splitter that can comply with your log cutting requirements is a must. I’m sure you will find a wide selection of log splitters with different prices being sold in the market, both on physical outlet stores and accredited online sellers. Before you decide what type of best log splitters you will buy, ask yourself, “Where you will use it, for home, work or industrial?” Once, you have a clear idea of its main purpose, choosing a splitter is already an easy task to do. Don’t forget also to do an extensive research of the best log splitters, so that you can eventually find the perfect match for your log cutting needs.

What are the different types of best log splitters available in the market?

There are many log splitters available in the market that you could consider as one of your choices. To help you find the best log splitter, here are 3 major types of log splitters including their individual capacity and usage.

  • Electric log splitters

These types of log splitters are considered the most convenient because you won’t encounter difficulty using them, even when indoors. Why? First of all, they are powered by electricity, so no need to worry about harmful fumes or gas. In fact, these types of log splitters are regarded as safe and comfortable for usage. Aside from these awesome features, these cutting tools can be directly operated with your present household voltage and ensure no short-circuit to happen. They are also reasonably priced in the marketplace.

  • Gas log splitters

Another type of log splitter is the gas powered splitter, but this unit is quite difficult to operate. Your biggest advantage if you opt to buy the gas log splitter is you can cut even the hardest type of log or timber. The gas log splitter is also quite bulky and you might need a trailer to move it from one place to another. If you will be using this type of log splitter, proper ventilation is required in the area where you will conduct any log cutting activity because harmful fumes could come out from this machine.

  • Manual log splitters

This type of log splitter is ideal for buyers with limited budget. There are various styles of manual log splitters that you can choose from and most of them have 10 tons of splitting capacity. The device itself has a controlled setting, so you can select the setting applicable for your log cutting requirement. If you will buy the manual log splitter, expect more hard work and time consumed before you can finish your log cutting project. In the event you have huge pile of logs, this particular cutting device is not advisable because it might cause strain on your back or worst lead to major back injury in the future if you will use for long-term.

How to choose the best log splitters?

It really depends on the customer’s particular log cutting needs or concern, available budget and personal taste when choosing a log splitter, but if you really want a log splitting device that will give you excellent cutting performance, convenience, safety and bigger savings in the future, here are some key pointers to remember before making a final purchase.

1, Go for convenient features

This is a top priority, especially if you love to do log cutting and as part of your outdoor physical exercise the cutting device should be easy to use and carry around as you move from one place to another. Check the available log splitters being sold in the market and look for a log splitter that can be easily transferred from one area to another. If you can find a log splitter that has wheels that would be a good option to consider and buy. Aside for having wheels, scout for a log splitter with ergonomic rubber handle, so that it will be easy to handle even during extended hours of usage. Lastly, if comfort is your preference when buying a log splitter, choose a unit that has height adjustment features to allow you to cut logs of different sizes with ease.

2, Rely on performance features

This is also of great importance if you want to invest on a top performing log splitter, consider its performance features. Among the areas you will need to verify when performance level is concerned are:

  • The log splitter should have a powerful motor. Carefully inspect the horsepower, amps and force when scouting for a dependable best log splitter.
  • The log splitter must have a reasonable cycle time, so that you can fully maximize your production of more cut logs at a lesser period of time. A top notch log splitting device should at least have a cycle time of 15 seconds.
  • The log splitter is capable of handling bigger sizes of wood, both in diameter and length.
  • Don’t forget warranties

For your money’s worth, get a log splitter that offers the best warranty. Most log splitters guarantee customers of at least 1 years warranty upon date of purchase.

3, Choose a credible manufacturer

Another factor you must consider when you are presented with a list of suitable log splitters is the manufacturer or brand name. If you found a log splitter from a well-known brand within your budget, this is a perfect choice to make because you are 100% confident that its manufactures has a solid track of record of producing only top performing log cutting tools.

  • Read reviews and customer’s ratings

Another method to ensure you only get the best log splitter is by reading reviews and customer’s overall ratings on popular brands in the market. The more positive reviews you come across and good ratings you get from a specific manufacturer, you have a definite idea on what brand to purchase.

  • Look for safety features

Lastly, before you make a final choice or what type and brand of log splitter to purchase, look for safety features such as operation setting, control levers, adjustable swing out feet and emergency stop. Why? A top quality brand log splitter must possess also these safety features to ensure the user’s health and safety isn’t put at greater risk while using this log cutting device. Any log splitter that allows you to be in control while doing any cutting activity gives you assurance that you are in safe hands even while using a powerful tool. Below are the standard features to watch out when scouting for the best log splitters :

  • Two handed operation setting feature – most log splitters have this safety feature where the user should use both hands in operating the machine to ensure his or her safety during the entire log cutting activity.
  • Control levers – another add-on safety feature the some log splitters offer are the log control levers. Here, the user is assured that the levers are shielded to avoid any physical injury or accident to occur while using the log splitter.
  • Adjustable swing out feet – this is another feature to look into when buying a log splitter, it must have adjustable swing feet to ensure stability while in action.
  • Emergency stop – this feature is mostly found on top-notch models of log splitters. It provides an emergency stop feature where the device will automatically stop in the event of an emergency.

How to use the best log splitters?

If you are really planning to invest on a top performing log splitter I might as well educate you on how to use this device safely. Below are some safety tips that you could apply when you get to hold your newly bought log splitter:

  • Read carefully the customer manual guide and be sure to follow all the instructions for your overall safety while using this tool.
  • Before you perform any splitting or log cutting, make sure the device is secured tightly to prevent any accident to happen that may lead to physical injuries.
  • Best Log splitters are recommended for usage in any open space.
  • Never use this log splitting device on wet or slippery floor.
  • As much as possible the user should be wearing protective gear while using this unit like eyewear, protective hand gloves and working boots. It is advisable the user should avoid wearing an outfit that is loose like long sleeves.
  • If you will be working with other people, make sure you inform them to stay at a safe distance when you are using the log splitter.
  • Never collect the logs while the device is still in operation put it to a full stop.

How to clean the log splitters?

If you want to prolong the top performance of your log splitter and give value to your money, follow these simple cleaning tips.

  • Always keep the outer structure of the log splitter clean and dry at all times. Use a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt build-up on the wedge and its plate.
  • If there are still hard to remove dirt particles, use a top quality brush with soft bristles. If you have an air compressor, this is a good cleaning tool for this task.
  • Since the log splitter is mostly made from steel component, it is also prone to rust. To prevent any rust formation in the future clean the steel parts, put some oil on a clean cloth and rub.
  • Inspect the engine oil and change it according to the manual guide.
  • The air filters of your log splitter must also be checked on a regular basis and clean it if you noticed they are not functioning as expected.
  • Bearings of your log splitter must be checked every 6 months or year to determine if greasing is already needed.
  • Never clean your log splitter with a garden hose because the water coming from the hose might contaminate the fuel system and when it enters the engine part it may result to damage.
  • Store your log splitter in a dry storage area where there is no presence of water or any liquid substance that may lead to ignition.

Now, you are completely armed with relevant ideas on what to look for in a log cutting device as well as the safety and cleaning tips for the unit, I’m going to discuss these top 3 best log splitters for 2015.

Top #1 Best Log Splitters – Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton

This best log splitters is ranked as one of the best log splitters that will put any log splitting job a sure success if given the chance to prove its limit. It has a durable built structure and provides accurate cutting performance. Aside from that, as compared to other available log splitters, the Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter is a time saving machine with its working capacity. Any potential buyer of this particular brand will be contented investing his or her money because this log splitting machine combines ease, comfort and productivity in one powerful tool.

Features of Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton

  • Durable construction with its top quality professional grade components.
  • Weight of machine itself is around 106 pounds, so it can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • Dimensions are 40 x 13.5 x 20.5 inches.
  • Unit comes fully assembled, making it easier for any customer to start using this device for any log cutting activity.
  • Product comes with 2 years customer warranty.
  • Unit is powered with 2HP, 1500 Watts.
  • It has push button electric start-up.
  • Power cable is around 5.25 feet, allowing you to connect anywhere with ease.
  • Splitting capacity of this device is 7 ton force.
  • Splitter can operate horizontally.
  • Unit has auto RAM return feature.
  • Unit’s cycle time is 14 seconds.
  • Hydraulic pump has 3500 psi pumping pressure capacity
  • Hydraulic oil is included with the machine.


  • Device is powered with 2HP motor.
  • It can be easily operated with its electric start-up push button.
  • Unit has compact built and can be easily carried.
  • The machine has one handed operation setting for user’s convenience.
  • Reasonably priced among other competing brands in the market.
  • Customer’s protection guaranteed with its 2 year warranty polic.


  • Unit has no towing feature because it is portable.
  • The wedge is not replaceable.

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Best Log Splitters is ideal for homeowners who require medium log splitting tasks. The unit is very convenient to use with its one handed operation feature. It has a powerful engine motor and top performing splitting force, making it a good investment to anyone who wishes to combine efficiency and affordability in one splitting device. Since, it is powered by electricity, no harmful fumes or gases and you can freely use it both indoor and outdoor space, depending on your particular need.

Top #2 Best Log Splitters – WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Another highly recommended best log splitter for 2015 is WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter because this particular splitter brand has been in the industry since 1951, so if you want a log splitter that has proven its real worth in the market with its solid performance and quality cutting, this is another good selection you may consider. The WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric best Log Splitters is perfect for small to medium log cutting projects. It can split pieces of log or wood at a shorter period of time, an average of 25 seconds. It is built with heavy-gauge molded steel, suitable for cutting hard or wet log. If you are searching for a best log splitter that will give you the opportunity to split every piece of log with such ease and comfort, then, this is also a perfect candidate to consider.

Features of WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log splitter

  • Top performing 2HP with copper-wound motor that can be powered by your household present current.
  • Easy plug feature, no difficulty plugging in and out from the power outlet.
  • Unit requires tow hands operation.
  • The machine itself has built-in log cradle or guide for more precise splitting or cutting logs or timber, approximately up to 10 inches diameter and 20.5 inches length.
  • The unit is easy to move around with its comfy grip handling features.
  • The weight of the device is around 99 pounds.
  • It has CSA approval with 2 years customer warranty upon date of purchase.
  • The motor speed of this device is 3400 RPM.
  • Power cable length extends to 6 feet, 14 AWG.
  • The unit operates on 120 volts.
  • Unit has cycle time of 25 seconds.
  • The hydraulic pressure is 3000 psi.
  • The hydraulic tank capacity is 2.8 quarts.


  • Unit is very durable with its pure steel component.
  • The device is easy to assemble, even if you are newbie user.
  • Unit can be used indoor and outdoor.
  • The unit can make a full cycle in 25 seconds.
  • It is portable and can be easily transported from one place to another.
  • Unit has roomy log cradle with its wide-set log guide and durable steel push plate.
  • Safe for usage with its two hand operation requirement, reducing the percentage of injuries while using the device.


  • The only downside of this particular log splitter is its low splitting power of 6 tons which is way behind other powerful log splitting tools with high splitting capacity.

The WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric best Log splitters is another log splitting device that you may consider, especially if you are particularly looking for a best log splitters that is portable and easy to move around.  With the above features, this type of log splitter is best recommended to all potential buyers who want to carry on with any log cutting activity right away but without giving them a hard time carrying or moving it around.

Top #3 Best Log Splitters – Champion Power Equipment No. 92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter, 22-Ton

The Champion Power Equipment is one of the best log splitters for 2015 that any customer may consider. Why? If you are looking for a powerful log cutting instrument that promises efficient running time, with medium-size built, this particular brand for best log splitters could be the right product to suit your personal log cutting requirements. This log splitter is designed to split wood within 14 seconds cycle time. Any user will truly find this log cutting device easy to use because you can operate it, either way around, horizontal and vertical position.

Features of Champion Power Equipment No. 92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter, 22-Ton

  • 22 tons of power, made from durable professional grade materials.
  • Unit is powered by 196cc OHV Engine with cast iron sleeve, has cooling capacity to prevent overheating.
  • The device has cutting log capacity of 24 inches long with weight up to 100 pounds.
  • The size of the machine is 40.75 x 85.83 x 45.87 inches.
  • Weight of unit is 396 pounds.
  • Unit can be operated horizontally or vertically.
  • The tank capacity is 1 Gallon gas with low oil shutdown.
  • EPA/CAPB approved for sale in 50 states.
  • Unit has dual log catchers for easy and safety use.
  • Unit is safe to use with its 2 hands operation feature, control levers setting, adjustable swing out feet and emergency stop.
  • Unit has 2’ ball hitch with for transport DOT approved tires, maximum speed of 45 mph
  • Unit has 1 year limited customer warranty upon date of purchase.


  • Recognized as a top-rated mid-size log cutting device.
  • Dependable with its log cutting capacity.
  • Exhibits powerful performance during any log cutting activity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Unit is designed for tough cutting activities.
  • Unit boasts of fast cycle time.
  • The unit has auto-shut off feature ensuring the user that no potential damage could result even if your unit is running under low oil levels.


  • One of the complaints among users who have already purchased this best log splitters is the assembly time because it only requires minimal time, but this should not be an issue if you are the type of buyer who wants to use it upon purchased or delivery at your doorstep.

The Champion Power Equipment No. 92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter, 22-Ton only requires at least 45 minutes to an hour to assemble the unit. This best slog splitters can be operated horizontally and vertically. It is user-friendly because it has the pull-arm lever feature for easy usage. Aside from that, the unit has a quick cycle time of 14 second to split or cut a log, so user will not even realize how much log supply he or she has already produced at a shorter period of time. With proper care, this splitting device can last longer and give you top quality performance.


If you are still unsure which among these top 3 best log splitters of 2015 will be the right log splitter, ask the advice of friends, relatives or colleagues from work who have availed any of the above brands and their personal experiences upon purchased. Make a record of their comments, ideas and feedback.

Once you have compiled your own research, surveys from people you know who have managed to use any of the above best log splitters brands and noted the reviews or customer’s ratings shared via online community, assess all these generated facts. Compare each brand from one another and check which among their features match your own distinct needs or concerns.

Pricing is also another important factor to consider when buying a log splitter. In the event, your final assessment leads you to a pricey brand, again, refocus your attention on what you will get in return from investing on this particular brand of log splitter.

In the event you discovered there is only a slight difference on another brand with cheaper price after careful evaluation, compare wisely the long-term benefits like maintenance and care requirements of each brand. If you don’t have to worry about frequent care and the brand provides self-cleaning features, then, it is indeed a wise investment.

There you have it the top 3 best log splitters for 2015 that you may consider and purchase online from a legitimate online retailer. Based on the mentioned features of each log splitting brand, the final answer on what particular brand of log splitter is the best is still highly dependent on the customer’s personal view, budget preference and log cutting requirements. There is no need for any buyer to make a quick decision right now. If you strongly feel there is a need to go over this review one more time and make a list of each brand’s features, then, do so before making that final decision.

Remember, whatever final choice you make along the process, always go for a best log splitters brand that will give you top performance all throughout your log cutting activity, regardless the type of wood or timber you need to cut. Make sure you will experience true comfort while staying safe at all times when using and ensuring full protection in case something when wrong like malfunction or factory defect.

When you have finally made up your mind and decided to proceed with your purchase of any of the above mentioned top 3 best log splitters for 2015, your next concern where to place your order. If you are too busy and wish to shop online for your log splitter, be sure you only entrust your hard earned money to an accredited retailer or distributor of these famous brands of best log splitters. Don’t quickly jump on a cheap deal online, do a background check and compare prices from one online seller of log splitters to another. I’m sure you don’t want to receive a faulty log splitter that doesn’t operate according on its said features. You can also read reviews of past customers who bought their log splitters and find out their buying experiences.

I do hope this review will help you along your decision making as well as with your online shopping transaction. Many best log splitters may be presented on you, but if you don’t want to end up confused on what to buy, remain firm with your final decision and avoid at all cost making an impulsive decision that you will regret afterwards. Your main goal here is find the best log splitter that will be your long-term partner to any log cutting activity. Once, you managed to get hold of your chosen log splitter, feel free to share your own experience the moment you start putting this powerful tool into action.